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Our Story

We build and design websites primarily for nonprofits to help who give for a greater cause than themselves.

fourfridays wordmark
fourfridays wordmark transparent


Our wordmark is our primary identifiable mark.

Protection Zone
The protection zone around the wordmark is part of the wordmark and should not be edited.

Minimum Size
The minimum acceptable size of the wordmark is 250px wide.


The primary fonts are Montserrat for headings and link, and Droid Sans for body copy. These fonts should be used when representing fourfridays.

Font-Color: #403F3C
Font-Family: Montserrat
Font-Weight: 400

H1 Font-Size: 2.5rem

H2 Font-Size: 2rem

H3 Font-Size: 1.75rem

H4 Font-Size: 1.5rem

H5 Font-Size: 1.25rem
H6 Font-Size: 1rem

Link using the Montserrat font.

: Droid Sans
Font-Weight: Normal
Font-Size: 0.99rem

Color Palettes

Color Card Dark Red

Dark Red

RGBA: rgba(164, 63, 51, 1)
HEX: #A43F33

Colorcard Dark Blue

Dark Blue

RGBA: rgba(59, 83, 108, 1)
HEX: #3B536C

Colorcard Dark Brown

Dark Brown

RGBA: rgba(64, 63, 60, 1)
HEX: #403F3C

Colorcard White Smoke

White Smoke

RGBA: rgba(236, 236, 236, 1)

Colorcard Concrete


RGBA: rgba(149, 165, 166,1.0)
HEX: #95A5A6

Colorcard Aqua Island

Aqua Island

RGBA: rgba(162, 222, 208, 1)


Hotel Pilatus Kulm, Switzerland

We use original photos of majestic mountains where the mountain is the subject of the photo.

Alpnachstad, Switzerland

All photos have the instant filter applied from iOS 10 or the Nashville filter comes closest from Instagram with some custom edits.